Chicken Little Slots

Chicken Little is a character in a famous story you might recall from your childhood. I certainly remember it, and how fascinated I was with the idea that the sky might be falling in. I never imagined I would get the chance to play an online slot game based on that very story.

But here we are, so let’s see what lies in store for us here, shall we?

How many reels and win lines are in store?

The creators of this game have developed it with three reels and one line in action.

Wagers to choose from

There are lots of options here, ranging from a single cent to $10 on the payline. Meanwhile, there is a chance to choose either one, two, or three coins to play each time. It’s worth remembering the possible prizes will increase if you play more coins per spin. Make sure you are still happy with the bet affordability though.

Chicken Little special icons

You will come to love the familiar bar symbols. You need three of any mix of these to secure a win. Chicken Little appears too, of course, and if you get three on the line you will win the game’s jackpot. This varies in size according to how many coins you bet on it. One, two, or three coins deliver either 1,000, 2,000, or 4,000 coins as the prize.

Chicken Little is useful in another way, too. It is the game’s substitute icon, and if one appears along with two matching symbols, no matter what they are, you will double the prize you’d typically get for those other icons.

Can you reveal one or more bonus features?

There is a wild here of course, but you won’t find any other special symbols. Your task is to try and win prizes with regular symbols, and hopefully the biggest jackpot too.

Download and start enjoying the Chicken Little online slot now!

The sky may not fall in for you while playing this game, but you never know what the outcome might be. With Chicken Little being bopped on the head by an acorn – the very acorn that made him think the sky was falling in – this is a quirky and appealing idea for a slot game.

We know better today, of course, but we can still enjoy the game by giving it a try in the hope of winning some prizes.