Crazy Camel Cash Slots

How crazy is your average camel, we wonder? You won’t get an answer to that question while playing the Crazy Camel Cash slot game from Rival Gaming, but you will spot a camel trotting along underneath the game title.

The desert setting is very appropriate for this game, and we suspect you will enjoy every moment you spend playing it.

How many reels and win lines are in store?

Everything you need is on one screen in this game. Three reels are shown on the right, and the paytable featuring all the prizes is on the left. You have only one payline to worry about here.

Wagers to choose from

Choose your coin value before you begin, as it could be far lower than the 50 cents it loads with. Go from one cent to $10 per spin. It is also possible to choose either one, two, or three coins on the line.

Crazy Camel Cash special icons

Did you think the camel might appear as a wild icon in this game? If so, you were correct. You can win something if just one camel turns up on the payline. You might also see two camels on the line along with another random symbol. If this occurs, the prize awarded will be the same as you’d get for three of the random symbols. You will also get a multiplier of 3x added to this.

Can you reveal one or more bonus features?

As this is a simple three-reel game, you may not expect any bonus features. That’s good, because it doesn’t include any. It does, however, include a jackpot. This will be worth 500, 1,000, or even 2,000 coins. The sum you would get if you won this depends on whether you wagered one, two, or three coins on your payline.

Download and start enjoying the Crazy Camel Cash online slot now!

Crazy Camel Cash is a nice game – a simple one maybe – but packed with lots of appealing features. The camel sure is useful to find, and there are also magic carpets, golden cups, and other riches to look for. Finding two camels with another icon is one of the best things you can do, other than winning the jackpot of course!

We hope you get lucky and scoop some significant prizes while playing the Crazy Camel Cash slot game today.