Doo-wop Daddy-O Slots

Perhaps this isn’t a person at all, but a hint at a musical theme for this slot game. We’ve seen a fair few strange slot game titles over time, but this ranks above most others as a strange one indeed!

Let’s head back to the 1950s to get in the mood for some relevant music. You can get an idea of how the game will be themed too, so let’s dive in to find out whether Doo-wop Daddy O is going to be satisfying to play.

How many reels and win lines are in store?

Whenever you see five reels, you can be sure there are lots of paylines involved. Here, we get 20 of them.

Wagers to choose from

Since you can choose up to 10 coins per line in this game, the coin values are kept at the lower end of things. That means choosing coins worth between one cent and 25 cents each time.

Doo-wop Daddy O special icons

If a Fifties diner appears on the reels, it is used as a wild for other symbols. In this game, the wild stands in for every other symbol without exception. Even the scatter is good for replacement, which acts as the free spins symbol.

Better yet, if you get five diners on a paid line, 10,000 coins will be heading your way. Wouldn’t that be nice? A motorbike also acts as a jackpot icon.

Can you reveal one or more bonus features?

The scattered sundae icons are good to find, because three, four, or five of those will bring you some free spins to play. You would receive 10, 20, or 50 of them according to the number found. Let’s hope for lots of ice cream to appear!

You may never have tried your luck in a drag race before, but there is a chance you could do so if you find three red trucks on the reels. Will you race into a winning position to scoop some coin wins in this feature?

Download and start enjoying the Doo-wop Daddy O online slot now!

The title certainly grabs your attention, but from then on you are guaranteed to have some fun as you play the Doo-wop Daddy O online slot game. With so much to look for as those reels start spinning, you never know how much you could win by the time you finish playing. Good luck!