Incan Rich Slots

No doubt you've seen a few Incan-themed slot games online during your time. You might even have played one or two of them. We would suggest you reserve a few moments to check out the Incan Rich slot game today, as this is the latest entry into this popular themed area. Could it be one of the best you've tried so far? Let's see if we can find out.

Developer information to begin our Incan Rich slot review

This game comes from Rival, so you know it's going to disappoint in terms of features and impressive graphics.

They also supply us with a sensational demo version

If you're eager to see what the game is like, but you don't want to spend any coins just yet, don't worry. Rival has given us a practice version loaded with demo coins to use.

Another entry into the Incan-themed slots area

We have seen many slot games taking us into various parts of history, offering a look at various civilizations… and now it's time to return to the Incan civilization.

Expect a bright design set into the side of an Incan pyramid

This is a glorious 3D slot from Rival, arguably better than anything they've released up to this point. The main character of the game stands to the side of the pyramid, smiling along and watching your progress. There are many relevant symbols landing on the reels, and even though you've got some of the usual playing card symbols there, these also get an Incan makeover.

How to play the Incan Rich slot game

There are five reels in action here, but even the quickest of glances reveals they're not your usual reels. They work in a 3-4-5-4-3 format, so the screen is bigger than you'd expect. The game doesn't offer any progressive jackpots.

The wild is a multiplier symbol showing the character in the headdress. This can appear over two icon spaces on a single reel. Better still, it shows a multiplier worth 2x, 3x, or 5x. If involved in a prize, it multiplies the value of that prize.

Next up, you have the chance to spot scatter symbols shaped like golden discs to find those prizes along with a chance at the free spin round. Finally, the game also offers a bonus symbol.

How many paylines do you get in Incan Rich?

How would you like to play on 720 of them? That's what you'll find in action in this slot game.

Choose your wagers before you play

Firstly, you can wager anything from one to 10 coins on each spin. If you go for one coin, you'll bet a minimum of 20 cents per spin to cover all the ways mentioned above. You can go up to $5 on a single-coin bet. If you max out the coins and the values, the top wager is $50 per spin.

The paytable offers further details

You can read this before taking your first spin of the reels in Incan Rich, to get an idea of what might await you there.

Can you reach the Choose Your God Bonus?

Yes, the game also comes with a chance of a bonus round. We didn't manage to access this during our stint on the game, but we know you need to find those bonus symbols to get there. We do know that we must choose wisely when we reach it, so perhaps there are multiple gods each offering a different prize? It would make sense of the title of the round and indeed the game…

How to find those free spins

You'll need three of the gold discs to find eight free games. You can get 12 or even 20 games if you can net four or five scatters to reach them. This is known as the Inti Raymi'rata free spin feature.

And the RTP is…

According to Rival, it comes in at around the 94.99% mark, which does fall below the desired return to player percentage of around 96%, so bear that in mind.

Our rating for the Incan Rich slot game

This is a marvelous game that benefits from having 3D graphics throughout. It is far more colorful than many other similarly themed games, so that works in its favor as well. We also liked the free spins and the promise of a bonus round, even though we didn't reach it. All told, we're giving this one 8/10.

What are the prizes like in the bonus round?

This could have the best potential for a promising prize, especially if we manage to pick the best god of them all, as the round suggests. That said, we also have those multiplier wilds standing tall on the reels, so who knows what might happen with one or two of those?

Enjoy some demo action to begin with

You can find out what you think of the Incan Rich slot game by loading the demo to try that first.

Play for real at any casino bearing the Rival brand and logo

There are plenty of those around, so make sure you look for the Rival collection of games and any new slots that might appear - as Incan Rich could be among them.

A modern slot game means mobile action too

The 3D graphics mark out this one as a superb slot to try. You can have a go yourself whenever you're in the mood to travel somewhere new… all without leaving your smartphone behind!