What Does the Slot Game Sevens and Bars Hold in Store?

Sometimes the title of a particular slot will give away particular clues to what the game is all about. This title reveals we are in classic territory, where the game is designed to hark back to the classic times where we had a variety of three-reel games that were quite basic to play.

But will it deliver more than a basic gameplaying experience? Let's find out.

Reels and paylines in Sevens and Bars

If you were thinking this was a three-reel, single-payline game, you would be correct.

Bet options available

Even though there is only one payline in use here, you do have a chance to bet one, two or three coins of your choice on that line. Three coins can win you the biggest prizes as seen in the paytable on the left-hand side of the screen, so take a look at that before you play.

Special symbols used in Sevens and Bars

The 7s are quite interesting, because if you manage to get three of them on the payline in red, white and blue in any configuration, you will get 3x the usual win amount. On the other hand, if you manage to get the red, white and blue on the line in that order, you can enjoy 5x your bet as your return.

The diamond is also worth getting because you only need one on the line to get a prize. This would basically return your bet to you.

Bonus features

As you might already have worked out, there is no real chance of winning into any bonus features here. There are no free spins available either. The creator of the game - Rival Gaming - has clearly made sure this is a real classic for those who love a simple and streamlined slot-playing experience.

Download and play Sevens and Bars slots now!

So how much could you win with Sevens and Bars? Well, the top prize is 2,500 coins. To get that, you have to play three coins and get three logos for the game on the payline. If you only play one coin the prize would be 750 coins, and for two coins you'd get 1,500 coins.

But there are other prizes here too, so if you want to play something simple and enjoyable, Sevens and Bars might just be the sort of thing you are looking for. Make sure you are ready to enjoy the best that Rival can offer.