Can You Guess the Theme in Play in the Win Mill Slot Game?

We're not sure who has the job of coming up with titles at Rival Gaming, but whoever thought of this one does have a thing for a play-on-words. This is because Win Mill is set inside a windmill, and it also appears to be set in Denmark.

However, while it might be a tad corny, the game itself is really cool and fun to play. You can check out the guy on the right of the reels and the girl on the left, both looking at the variety of themed symbols that are present on those reels.

Reels and paylines in Win Mill

This game is a little more basic than some of the bigger Rival games you might have seen, with just three reels in action. They are positioned over three rows though, which provides you with five paylines rather than just one.

Bet options available

Try betting from one cent per line and heading north to a total bet of $75 at most.

Special symbols used in Win Mill

A gold coin may just spin into view as you play this game. This is a good thing, because the gold coin just so happens to be wild. Furthermore, you can look for three tulips on a line - the best symbols to get - because they will bring you 5,000x the amount you bet on the line.

Bonus features

That gold coin acts as more than just a random wild. If you can find three of them anywhere on the 3 x 3 game screen, you will get a bonus feature to play. This is played on a second screen, and you have to try and catch the gold coins that come flying out of the windmill you see in front of you. It's a little unusual, but trying to catch them is worth your while if you want to win as much as possible.

There's another quirky feature that can pop up at any time without a specific trigger being needed too. This is the Find the Coin feature. The girl watching play will occasionally hold out her hands for you to try and guess which one the gold coin is in. If you guess correctly you win, if you guess wrongly you don't!

Download and play Win Mill slots now!

This is a fun game and one we think you will want to try. Good luck inside that windmill!