Almighty Dollar Slots

Almighty Dollar Slots
Ah, the mighty dollar… or the almighty dollar, in the case of Almighty Dollar slot game. Does that provide a clue to what we might see in this slot game? It was developed by Rival Gaming and has become a very popular game even in the short time since its release.

Question is, will it pay out a dollar or two – or more – for you, or will it be a disappointment? We doubt it will be the latter.

Reels and lines

The more unusual format here provides you with three reels and three rows – the 3 x 3 arrangement. This means there is room for several lines, and indeed we do get five of them.

Coins in play

There are lots of coins to choose from, with values going from one cent to five dollars. If you wish to play up to five coins on each line, you can do so.

Almighty Dollar important symbols

The almighty part of the title lends itself nicely to an angelic theme here. You will see a harp on the reels occasionally, and possibly an angel too.

We love to see multiplier values on the reels of any slot game, and this one does include them. It also reveals wings on each one! This is a wild, and the value shown on that wild will determine the multiplier given to a prize in which the wild appears.

Are there bonuses to look for?

While many three-reel games dispense with the idea of a scatter or a bonus, this one doesn’t. Watch out for the free spins symbol to appear twice on the reels to award you seven free spins. If three appear, you will enjoy playing your way through 21 free spins. That is very generous, but could you manage to find three instead of two to trigger that feature?

Download, play, and try to win prizes in Almighty Dollar today

Even though we prefer five-reel games, we loved this one. Almighty Dollar is well-designed and feels like something quite new, too. You will see what we mean if you try it out and take it for a demo spin. The features are enough to keep you entertained, and that means Almighty Dollar might turn out to be one of your more favored three-reel games. It would certainly be a shame if you didn’t try the free version to see what you think.