Hot Hand Slots

We’ve seen a fair few fiery games in our time, but we’ve never encountered one that’s given us hot hands. Rival Gaming has chosen that very theme to introduce a flaming good slot with the four card suit icons included. They’re on fire, too, so we guess the title makes sense.

Will the Hot Hands slot be a hot success? Let’s see what we can expect from it.

Reels and paylines

The game provides us with three reels, each of which bears three symbols. That means there is room enough for five lines to be played.

Coin options

One cent is good enough to get started with in this game. The biggest coin to work with is worth $5, and you can play one, two, or three coins on each of the five lines.

Symbols worth watching for in Hot Hands

Would you believe us if we told you the game included three wild symbols? It does – one for each reel. The first, second, and third reels present us with a 2x, 3x, and 4x multiplier respectively. These can only appear on their designated reels.

This makes it well worth watching the reels closely on every spin. If one of those wild multipliers appears, you can expect it to contribute to a line win if possible. Obviously, the higher the multiplier, the better the potential outcome.

Are there bonuses involved in this game?

No, the three-reel slot offers only those three multipliers by way of a special feature. It is an intriguing one though. One thing we should mention is that those multipliers are responsible for the jackpot trigger. You would need to find the three multipliers on their reels on the same paid line to win it.

The prize for this would vary according to the coins played. So, a one-, two-, or three-coin bet would produce 1,500, 3,000, or 4,500 coins as the jackpot respectively.

Choose the Hot Hands slot and give it a try today

The game was developed by Rival Gaming, and they’ve given us some excellent three-reel slots before. This one continues that trend, providing some entertaining and easy to understand gameplay that is easy to enjoy. Hot Hands is a hot title to play if you are in the mood for something simpler… yet something that also provides you with a neat twist to look forward to.