Fruit Splash Slots

Yes, there are some clues in that title, and you might well guess what they add up to. However, we are going to find out more about the game here, so you can check out the possibilities and see if this is going to measure up as a good game to try. Fruit Splash has a splashy theme, for sure, but will it prove a nice fruity one too?

Let’s see what the game is like and whether it could measure up to your expectations. Did it measure up to ours?

Learning more about the Fruit Splash slot game

We have fruit and we have a splash, and both elements are rolled into the idea for this game. It’s a simple one, yet the graphics are very nice indeed.

Who developed this slot?

This is another modern slot release from Rival Gaming. Their modern slots look amazing next to some of their older titles, as you might guess. They have a smooth appearance we like a lot, not to mention some cool features, as is the case with Fruit Splash.

Does it come with a demo version for you to try?

It does. If you want to try the game before purchasing any credits to play the real version, just be sure you select the right mode to load the demo. This will give you some demo credits already loaded in the game. It means you can see how everything works and be ready to begin with confidence if you switch to playing it for real.

Does the title give us some clues on the theme?

It does, as you might well expect. Most of the symbols are fruits, with lots of familiar ones making a splash here as they do in other games. The other lower-valued symbols appear inside bubbles. This gives us the second part of the title, which relates to the underwater setting of this game.

What is the design like?

The watery theme combined with fruit may be a simple one, but it still provides us with some sharp detailing in the presentation. If you were expecting basic fruit, you will be pleasantly surprised by this game.

What type of slot is Fruit Splash?

While many fruity games are based around three reels, this one gives us five of them. There are a few special symbols to look out for as well, such as the starfruit as the wild symbol. This is well chosen because it also has a starfish appearance – ideal for the underwater setting. Whenever it pops up it changes to reveal the WILD role it plays, along with various fruits behind that word.

While the game offers plenty for players to enjoy, this does not extend to a progressive jackpot.

Does it have paylines to bet on?

No, they have decided to provide all possible ways to win inside the 5 x 3 matrix here. The five-reel slot provides 243 ways to win in total.

How much can you bet on the game?

Since this works on way wins, you need to choose a coin and the game will work out your bet amount for you. Coins go from a penny upwards though, so covering all 243 ways is easier – and far cheaper – than you might expect. The biggest available coin is worth a quarter, so that is good news too.

Select the paytable before you play

This is denoted by the yellow and blue sign clearly in view in the top right of the game. You can read everything there is to know about the game before you begin, although this is a small paytable in comparison to some other games by Rival.

Bonus round options

We’ll be quick here, as there are none to discover in Fruit Splash slots.

What about free spins?

We do not get any of these either, but we do receive the next best thing. Whenever you secure a prize involving one or more wild symbols, you will trigger a free re-spin. The wild becomes sticky and will remain where it landed while everything else spins again. If two or more wilds landed in the successful combo, they will all remain in their sticky positions. If another wild icon should appear in a winning combination on the re-spin, another would be awarded.

Do we know the game RTP for Fruit Splash?

This is a short answer, as we do not know this at present.

Do we give Fruit Splash a high or low rating?

This is a basic game in contrast to many other Rival slots. Nothing wrong with that, though. If you prefer re-spins to free spins and you like to keep things simple, we think you will appreciate this one. We are awarding it 7 marks out of 10.

Slot game winners are likely to stay silent here

We only ever get news of big winners netting progressive jackpots online. That said, we might hear of someone winning one of the top prizes in this game if they play at a casino that shares the news. We await such news with interest…

Attempt the practice version with demo credits to start with

This is our preferred way to play any game we are new to. It allows you to figure out how everything works, not to mention giving you a chance to see if you like it. Fruit Splash won’t be ideal for every player, and it would be a shame to waste part of your budget on it if you don’t want to proceed.

Play for real money if you like what you see

Rival-powered casinos will of course provide you with the chance to play Fruit Splash for real. This means you can deposit funds and then figure out a budget to play the game. Be aware the minimum bet will be calculated according to the relevant multiplier, so even if you play with a one-cent coin, it will result in a larger spin bet.

Mobile play for Android and iOS is also available

You can check out the options very easily in this game. You might want to play at your computer, but it is good to know you can also play on an Android or iOS mobile device as well. Other mobile phones and tablets will also be suitable if they are connected to the internet.