Gushers Gold Slots

Well, we guess there will be gold of some sort involved in this game. However, it isn’t the kind of gold you may be thinking about. Instead, the Gushers Gold title reveals the nature of this ‘gold’ as black gold – oil, of course.

As the game loads – a smooth process, thankfully – you will spot an oil baron watching over things. This confirms the theme and prepares you for what may lie ahead…

Reels and lines

The game uses a standard arrangement of five reels, on which you will find 20 lines.

Coins in play

The coin range is quite small compared to other games – going from one cent to a mere 25 cents. However, there is an opportunity to choose anything from one to 10 coins to play on every line.

Gushers Gold important symbols

Oil means oil drums… and one appears in this game as a wild. Better still, it happens to be an expanding wild. This won’t appear on all reels though, only on the first, third, and fifth ones. It only expands to fill a reel if this will produce prizes, so don’t worry if it doesn’t happen.

The oil baron can bring you the most riches, with 1,000 coins coming your way if he appears in every position on a paid line during one spin. Finally, a woman might show up during play. She has blonde hair and her goal is to try and bag some free spins.

Are there bonuses to look for?

Five, 10, or hopefully 20 free games will be yours if three of those women appear in one spin. Since she is the scatter, she can appear anywhere to make this happen.

If you manage to find at least three bonus symbols (yes, that’s another delight to look for), you can drill for a big prize. You can’t drill for oil, of course, but who knows how many coins you might dig up if you get the chance to play this entertaining bonus feature?

Download, play, and try to win prizes in Gushers Gold today

Gushers Gold is a terrific game – it looks good and while it isn’t the first slot game to tackle this theme, it does stand up well as one of the best. If you want to check out the options and play it today, you can try it in its demo format first.