Line up Footballs and Prize Winning Slot Reel Symbols in Aussie Rules Slots

Are you a big fan of traditional football matches? Then you ain't seen nothing yet when you discover Rival Gaming's Aussie Rules Slots. Most things are a little bit different in the land down under. The Aussies like to set their own rules so get ready to see football in a new light.

In this energetic sports themed game, you not only line up your football for a good strong kick, but you also line up 15 winning pay lines on the 5 slot reels. So this is the perfect opportunity to make double scores.

The Perfect Conditions to Become a Slot Reel Winner

Everything in this game is set up for you to become a legendary winner. First of all, the ambiance in this slot title is great. Since you will play against the backdrop of a big stadium, you can be assured that the supportive crowd will motivate you even more to make that perfect score.

Second of all, there are numerous football related items swarming around the slot reels. Items like jerseys, water bottles and shoes all help you to achieve your athletic and your money making goals. The referee is also present on the reels, and of course a game like this would not be complete if it did not also have a football symbol.

Play Aussie Rules Slots And Get Ready To Kick Those Winnings Towards Your Casino Bank account

So now that you know what kind of sports challenges and gambling prizes await you in Oz, are you ready to score numbers on the scoreboard with your kicks and coins into the casino account with your spins? Then travel to the beautiful Australian outback and prove that you are a real Aussie by participating in the country's favorite sport, which the locals lovingly call Footy.

Aussie Rules Slots has the potential to become your favorite money making slot reel game. But just like with a real football match, you probably like to practice a bit before you enter the competitive and challenging league of real players.

Luckily, you can practice as much as you like when you choose to spin reels and kick the ball around in the practice play mode. Enter the real play competition once you feel that you are ready to play with the big boys. When that moment arises, you will be judged on how effectively you can kick those slot reel winnings towards your casino bank account.