Midas Touch Slots

The Midas Touch refers to King Midas, a famous character in Greek mythology. Whatever he touched would turn to gold, and that's probably what you're going to be hoping for when you play the Midas Touch slot game, fresh from Rival Gaming.

We've got an early look at this game, so we have all the important details to share with you here. Nothing beats trying the actual game, though, so be sure to do that as soon as possible.

Reels and paylines

This golden game has three reels, so you might be expecting just a single payline. However, we think you'll be pleasantly surprised to see three in action.

How much can you wager on the Midas Touch slot game?

The cheapest coin is worth a cent, while the biggest goes as high as five dollars. As with many smaller slots, there is a facility to wager between one and three of your selected coins on each of the three lines, too.

Special icons

The Midas Touch golden game logo acts as a wild in this game, which means it will stand in for everything else. It is also the highest-paying symbol, delivering a huge 500-, 1,000-, or 2,000-coin prize in coins for playing one, two, or three coins on a line when the combination appears. So, we would recommend playing a lower-valued coin if need be, so you can have three coins on every line.

The remaining icons are fruits, such as oranges and pears, for example. This fits well with the Midas story, because he touched everything and turned it to gold… only to then realize he couldn't eat his food anymore. So, while you're no doubt used to seeing fruit in three-reel slot games, it does have a good reason to be present in this one!

Bonus possibilities

The game doesn't include any bonus elements, other than the presence of the wild.

Download and play the new Midas Touch slot from Rival Gaming today!

Aside from a lack of bonus features (not unusual for a three-reel slot), this game looks polished and professional, and we think it will win over many fans. With golden fruit forming part of the design either side of the Midas Touch title above the reels, and a neat paytable to the right side of them, you'll enjoy every moment of playing this great slot.