Will You Get Lucky When You Spin the Reel of Fortune?

Rival Gaming has created a reel spin of a game here with the Reel of Fortune slot! We think you will like it as it has many familiar features, while carving out a clear game theme of its own. The graphics may be a little basic, but that doesn't interrupt the quality of the gameplay you have to look forward to.

Reels and paylines in Reel of Fortune

There are 20 lines indicated by price tickets at the sides of the reels. Additionally, you have the usual five reels to contend with.

Bet options available

The coin values only go from one cent to a quarter. However, you can bet up to 10 coins on each line, so there are more possibilities here than you might think.

Special symbols used in Reel of Fortune

There doesn't seem to be a wild in the game, nor is there a scatter symbol. Now that might initially disappoint you, but don't disappear just yet. You see, there are two other symbols that could be very good to have, and each of them has its own special feature…

Bonus features

The curtain symbol can get you into the Donkey bonus feature if you get three or more. Similarly, the Plunko word will trigger the Plunko bonus if you get three or more of those instead. So even though you have no other special symbols, you do have two bonus features to try and trigger.

The Donkey bonus allows you to choose one of three curtains you are presented with. You'd think choosing the donkey would be a bad thing, but not so here - you will win the bonus prize if you manage to find the donkey.

The Plunko bonus enables you to try and get a ball into a winning position. If you choose a good position, the prize you win could be very good as well!

Download and play Reel of Fortune slots now!

Reel of Fortune is not the only game around that is based on the television gameshow theme. However, it's a pretty good one and it is generous with those bonus features as well. If you give it a try today, you could end up enjoying some seriously good prizes if the luck goes with you. There may not be a progressive jackpot to be had, but there is enough else to keep you interested.