What Does the Reel Party Platinum Slot Have to Offer?

Some slot games really don't give too much away with their title, do they? Let's reveal what the Reel Party has to offer then, as the title is puzzling to say the least. It turns out we have a party mood that takes place on New Year's Eve, as is indicated by one of the symbols in the game. So with that in mind, let's dive in.

Reels and paylines in Reel Party

You get 15 paylines with this slot, and there are five reels to spin, so everything is pretty good here. Fewer paylines than you might expect, but not too bad all in all.

Bet options available

How do you fancy betting between one cent and a whole dollar on each line? You can do that here with a variety of coins to choose from. There is also a chance to select from one to five coins on every line, so you have that to work with as well.

Special symbols used in Reel Party

The famous ball drop image is the jackpot symbol here, while a cute baby appears as the wild. Father Time himself appears as the free spins icon, and you will need three or more of these to determine how many spins you are entitled to.

Bonus features

Well, we have already mentioned the free spins, and you can get either 10, 20 or even 100 free spins depending on whether you can find three, four or five Father Time icons. Every prize in these free spins is tripled from its usual value as well.

But you also get the chance to head into a wine cellar if you trigger the bonus feature. This is accessible by getting three or more champagne bottles tucked safely into their ice buckets. There are 12 bottles to choose from, and you get to choose three to decide what prizes you win.

Download and play Reel Party slots now!

We really liked playing this game and it has some neat features designed as part of the process of playing it. Find out if Father Time is on your side or whether you have more to contend with as you spin the reels and try to find some champagne! After all, a trip into the wine cellar sounds like a very appealing idea, doesn't it? Good luck!