Will You Get the Travel Bug?

Many people have the bug to travel, and that's really what this game is all about. Or is it? Actually, the reels are packed with bugs that travel - yep, you really did read that!

Travel Bug comes to you via the Rival Gaming outfit, and it has some cool elements to look for. With a jackpot of 5,000 coins, you could just work out the right combo to bring up on the reels in the hope of winning a brilliant prize.

Reels and paylines in Travel Bug

There are five reels in the game here, and 20 lines are provided for you to bet on.

Bet options available

This has been designed as a penny slot for those that like these games. Your biggest bet per spin works out at $50, which is way higher than many people would like, but will be good for those with bigger budgets.

Special symbols used in Travel Bug

Watch out in case you see a ladybird, as this is a wild for this game. It won't replace the passport icon or the bug on a suitcase (yep, we did say that) but it will replace all the other symbols.

The wild bug also has the power to pay out an impressive 5,000 coins. That's the top prize for this particular slot, and you can win it by getting five ladybirds on a line.

Bonus features

If you find three of those bugs on suitcases, you'll win 10 free spins. The first reel is totally wild for all these spins, so you only need to line up two or more symbols on the second and third reels - and hopefully the others - to win prizes here.

Additionally, three passports at the minimum will unlock a second screen game. You have to plan the best trip using the budget you are given. The idea is to get as far as you can in the feature, because you will win more by doing so. Bon voyage!

Download and play Travel Bug slots now!

It's a good game to play, this one, and it benefits from more features than many other slot games have. They've got a nice wild-reel twist on the free spins, with the addition of another bonus feature as well to keep players interested. There is all kinds of delights to be found here, so why not check it out today?