Big Bang Buckaroo Slots

That’s a long title, Big Bang Buckaroo, but does it reveal anything about the game itself? This is a new one from Rival Gaming, and those slots are always worth checking out. We can see a robot in the title image, and that robot is sporting a cool cowboy hat. So, we have a mix of themes here, and it works very well. Why did no one else think of this one?!

Reels and lines in play

Even though you only get three reels to play here, you do also receive five lines to bet on.

Coin values

If you just love penny slots, you’ll be pleased to hear this one can be played as such. But if you want to wager a bigger bet each line, you can do that too, as the biggest coin is five dollars. You can also play up to three coins on each of the lines.

Special icons used in Big Bang Buckaroo

There is one very important symbol you should know about if you want to play Big Bang Buckaroo. See the little robot head in the title image? That is wild in this game, and he always wears his cowboy hat. Everything else in the slot is fair game in being replaced by this, which makes it easier to secure some line wins. There aren’t any multipliers involved with it though, so you’ll simply get the regular prize you would have done otherwise.

Are there bonus features to find?

No, this slot game is based around the features mentioned, with no additional free spins or scatters involved. However, you can sneak a shot at the jackpot if you manage to find enough of those robot head wilds. Three on one line will secure the jackpot if you bet coins on that line. One, two, or three coins will mean you win 400, 800, or a huge 1,500 coins for getting the win.

Download and enjoy playing the Big Bang Buckaroo slot now!

This is a great game and it benefits from some very sharp images. Even though it has three different-colored sevens and assorted bar symbols shaped as bullets, the robot head is the star of the show. You’ll be watching this one to see if he will help you secure one or more prizes on those reels. Saddle up and get ready to play!