Plunk-Oh Slots

There aren’t many times we get details of a new slot game and we have no idea what the title means. This sounds like a game though, so are we correct about that?

We are, as this new Rival slot game uses a game show theme to delight players. As such, you might guess what some of the icons will look like when you give it a try. Let’s find out how much is in store for us when we play Plunk-Oh.

Reels and paylines

There are three reels in store for you here, but the game uses a larger 3 x 3 format. This means there is room for five paylines to be accommodated.

What can you bet on this slot?

There are eight coins to choose from, ranging from a cent to five dollars per line. You’ve also got a chance to bet up to three coins on every line in Plunk-Oh.

Does Plunk-Oh have any special icons?

There is a wild in action, and it appears as the shiny Plunk-Oh game icon. You can’t miss it, because it appears with red lettering on a blue background. The letters are bordered with a gold edge too, making it look even more impressive. This will help you form prizes as it replaces other game symbols you might find.

That logo is also the key to winning the jackpot. The amount you would get varies as per the quantity of coins you placed on the winning line prior to the jackpot being triggered. However, a three-coin bet would bring you the top prize of 450 coins.

We should also mention the logo used as a wild in a line win will boost that prize by using a 3x multiplier value.

Bonus features to find

There are no bonus features to be unearthed in this slot.

Download and play the superb Plunk-Oh slot game today

We like the look of this one, especially with its friendly assistant demonstrating where you have won prizes on the reels. There are gold watches, motorbikes, boats, and even tickets for a vacation, so you can see how the game show theme works here.

If you get lucky playing Plunk-Oh, you won’t win prizes of that type. However, you might win a few hundred coins for your trouble. Who knows how lucky you could be if you give this game a try?