Will You Grab a Big Cash Win in This Slot Game?

Sometimes all you want is a straightforward slot game that doesn't feature too many complex elements. If that's the kind of game you're after today, we think we've got just the thing for you.

Big Cash Win has a tempting title, an easy-to-understand game screen and a classic look. Let's look closer to see what else it has to offer.

How many reels and paylines are packed into the game?

This is a Rival-powered game with three reels and just a single payline.

What about coin values?

There is a very big range to work with here, from one cent all the way up to $25. You also have the option to play either one or two coins on each spin.

Are there special symbols featured in Big Cash Win?

The best symbol to have is the Big Cash Win logo, as this can trigger the top awards. If you are playing with a single coin and you get three logos on the payline, you'll get 750 times your bet amount. Play with two coins and get 2000x your bet amount. Even one symbol will win you a small prize.

There are no special symbols here such as wilds or scatters though. This really is a classic and basic game in that respect.

Is there a bonus round on another screen?

No, as you might expect, this is a standard three-reel game in which the object is to make sure you can get the best three-symbol combination on the payline. As such, there is no bonus to look for.

Download and play Big Cash Win now!

This is as basic as a slot game is ever going to get. However, there are several things to note here. It plays very well, with smooth reels and a sense that they're the same as they would be on a real machine. Secondly, when you scoop a win, you will see the relevant prize flashing on the pay table at the left of your screen. This makes it easy to see what you have won.

Finally, it's a great game to try if you have yet to play any sort of online slot game. You can keep the bets low to start with, so they fit with your budget. You'll also see how enjoyable Big Cash Win is, even though it is basic and straightforward in nature. Give it a try now!