Coins of Olympus Slots

The ancient Greeks worshiped gods and goddesses. They believed that they lived on Mount Olympus. This slot called Coins of Olympus is all about that.

This game has 5 reels and 25 pay-lines. There is a lot of wagering flexibility in this game. Let's say that a player played all 25 lines. Spins can go from 25 cents to $62.50 per game. It is logical that Zeus is the highest paying symbol. Zeus was the ancient Greek god of lightning and the head god on Mount Olympus. The Grim Reaper symbol and the black haired goddess symbol pay out nicely as well. The black haired goddess in this instance is Persephone. She was married to Hades who was the lord of the Underworld.

Cool Bonus Games

The game is notable for having a bonus round. Three Poseidon symbols trigger the bonus round. You need to move the character around to find Poseidon's fallen coins before the villagers do. The game reminded me a lot of Pac Man and odds are you'll enjoy it a lot. Pegasus the horse can only move forward so try to be tactical in the game.

The gold Caesar coin triggers the free spin amount. Let's say a person is playing the game and three gold Caesar coins pop up. This means you have been awarded 5 free spins. This means you can potentially increase your winnings for free. Four coins results in 10 free spins. Five coins results in 20 free spins. Another really cool fact about the Caesar coin free spin game is that all free spins have a 3 times multiplier. This means your potential winnings will be times three.

The jackpot can be hit with Zeus symbols. Only two Zeus symbols are needed to hit the minimum one. You can potentially win a whopping 4,000 coins if you hit five Zeus symbols on the slot machine reels.

Another feature in the game is auto-play. This feature allows the player to set a certain number of spins and the wagering amount in advance. The game plays itself. This might be convenient if something comes up in the middle of a gaming session or if you simply do not like manually pressing the lines and spin button for each spin.

This is a fun game that will appeal to both new and veteran online casino gamblers. Go to your online casino of choice. Make a financial deposit. Play the game Coins of Olympus. You are bound to soar like Pegasus to new heights of fun.