Mighty Aphrodite Slots

We guess that is what you are hoping for, although she is more normally associated with love than anything else. It's no surprise to realize Cupid contributes to the game alongside Aphrodite though, and with that mythological theme being put to good use by Rival Gaming, Mighty Aphrodite slot has plenty to deliver. Will that include lots of prizes too though?

Reels and lines

The game begins with five generously-sized reels in place. You will get the chance to wager your coins on 25 lines if you decide to give it a try.

Coins in play

You don't have too many coins to select from - just four, in fact. However, the smallest is a cent and the largest goes up to a quarter. You can choose to play up to 10 of the coins per line though.

Mighty Aphrodite important symbols

Would you guess Aphrodite was going to pop up as a wild symbol? She does just that here, appearing also in stacked form. That means she could appear in multiple positions on the same reel. She will replace everything too, with no exceptions to that rule.

You should look out for the famous Pegasus too. If you recall your mythology from school, you'll remember this was a winged horse. Here, it appears in use as a scatter symbol.

Are there bonuses to look for?

You can win seven, 11, or even 21 free spins whenever you manage to find three, four, or five of the scattered winged horse in one spin. These can be triggered once more as well, but you will need to find three or more in one of your free spins for this to occur.

We know Cupid can appear in the game, but we haven't yet mentioned how this occurs. He can show up during any game you play. In doing so, he will trigger a random bonus called Cupid's Multiplier. He brings with him a multiplier that could be worth anything up to 5x. Whenever you win something and he appears, that prize is multiplied by the multiplier value shown by Cupid. It could be a nice surprise to see him.

Download, play, and try to win prizes in Mighty Aphrodite today

This is a pleasing game to play, with enough special features to make it good fun for everyone. Will it be a winning game for you, though?