Get on Down to Surf Paradise!

Surfing and paradise… what on earth could be better? You've probably already guessed this game is based on surfing, but there is still a lot to answer by way of the actual features it packs in.

This is a Rival slot and it is one of the more straightforward ones they have to offer. With that said, if you like the basics and classic games, this is definitely worthy of a closer look.

Reels and paylines in Surf Paradise

It doesn't get much simpler than this game, with just three reels and a single payline to worry about.

Bet options available

Fancy betting 10 cents a spin on the game? Yep, you can do just that if you like. You can also consider going up as high as $50 a time if you like. That's a pretty heavy bet for a single payline! You have the chance to bet either one or two coins every time you make a spin. The top prize for a single coin is 750 coins in return, whereas a two-coin bet could win up to 2,000 coins.

Special symbols used in Surf Paradise

Your paytable for this online slot is provided to the left of your three reels. It also seems to be attached to the side of a beach hut, which makes for a nice detail. The waves await beyond, with a blue sky and lots of greenery to add to the mood.

A surfboard can win you a prize here, since you only need one of them to win something. Two will also win you a prize. Other than that, there are no wilds or scatters here, although some symbols only need to appear in combination with others to trigger a win.

Bonus features

There is nothing extra involved here - this Rival slot really is as simple and streamlined as you could hope for. That keeps things nice and easy for newbies, but it might be disappointing for more seasoned players.

Download and play Surf Paradise slots now!

So what did we make of the Surf Paradise slot? It's nicely designed, that's for sure, and you can appreciate the detail given in the design - not to mention the easy-on-the-eye color scheme in use. Don't you sometimes find the color schemes a little harsh to withstand for too long?

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you give this a shot at least for a few rounds today.